Introducing the Greedy Cat

My name is Cath, some people call me Kungfu, some people call me Cat.

The ‘Kungfu’ is down to the black belt and a once-propensity to fight when drunk. The ‘Cat’ is generally down to a lack of effort from the natives when pronouncing my name in whichever land I am residing.

Currently that’s Ubud, Bali. Previously it was Barcelona and before that, various lands and locations in South America and Asia.

So, the ‘th’, not sure why it causes problems but it does. But I’m cool with being Cat. As a Leo and a cat lover I don’t object to the feline connotations. In fact, I like nothing better than snuggling up with one of my furry cousins and tickling its chin while staring into it’s bright green eyes. Fortunately the opportunities for doing this in Bali are many, in coffee shops, in restaurants, in yoga studios, there will be a resident kitty who just wants to curl up on your lap.

But, don’t worry, this blog is not about cats, it’s about coffee, wine and food, about searching out a great brew (spoilt for choice), a decent glass of vino (rather less-so) and generally searching out great places for eating, drinking and visiting on this tropical island of the gods. I like healthy food but that’s not the point, so don’t expect a lifestyle blog full of green smoothies and pizzas made from cauliflower. It’s about the taste, the experience and, of course (the ‘greedy’ part), the portion size.