Roti and Monsieur Spoon, Canggu

Stick with what you know

After such great experiences brunching in Canggu, I guess I get a bit cocky and presume that any old place is going to serve knockout food and coffee. How wrong I was. I tried Monsieur Spoon and Roti Roti and won’t be repeating either experience. To be fair, both visits were the result of Betelnut and Crate being too full.

Lesson 1: Some places are busy for a reason.

Lesson 2: Don’t order eggs in a place you don’t know – the reasons for which I go into in more details in Tasting Notes – but basically, timing is key and unless you keep your eye on the (ovular) ball, you are headed towards an “egg-pic” fail.

But en-oeuf of the egg puns and back to the reviews!

Scrambled eggs on toast wit hSpanish ham
Scrambled eggs with Spanish ham

Reassuringly French-sounding locale Monsieur Spoon delivered my eggs cold, whereas Roti Canai, just next door, let them go cold, and then heated them up in the microwave!

Both unforgivable on may levels as far as The Greedy Cat’s concerned; not only is it the agonising wait for that first meal of the day, nor is it just the disappointment of receiving an inedible dish; no, the worst part is the indignity of eating it anyway, because you just know that sending it back will involve a) a fight with the waiting staff, b) another agonising with no guarantee that it’s going to come out better the second time or c) both.

So, I ate both meals and felt pretty awful as a result. In Monsieur Spoon, the Eggs Benedict had clearly been sitting on the counter for the 30 minutes it took to get served as the whole dish was discernibly luke-warm. At the end of my meal, I was asked by my waitress how my food was. On pointing out that it was cold, her response was

You should’ve told me before you ate it

So, I’m not sure the sentiment behind her question was completely genuine.

Poached egg on toast
How eggs should be served!

In Canai Roti I’m not sure whether the kitchen or the waitress was at fault. Shortly after I sat down, I watched as the table next to me sent back their Waffle Benedict as a wrong order. It looked so good that I decided to order it. After a 20-minute wait, the exact same plate was brought to me with dried-out egg, congealed sauce and everything piping hot. I’m all for re-gifting and recycling but not if it involves putting my breakfast in the microwave!

Unsurprisingly I was not asked how my meal was.

Next time I’m joining the hipster-queue at Crate, some things are worth waiting for.

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