Refresh Family Restaurant – Breakfast or Brunch in Candidasa

Stodge-fest / Endurance test

Pancake Stack with Maple Syrup – 50k

Eating their stack of pancakes felt like I was in an episode of Man (or, in this case, Cat) v Food; more endurance test than pleasurable eating experience. As I started work on the 5th stodge-cake, with nothing but a drizzle of syrup for lubricant, sweat beading on my brow, I desperately reached for my coffee cup but saw it had already been drained!

Unfortunately the Greedy Cat cannot leave food on the plate and so I ploughed bravely on, eventually winning my battle with the batter before wobbling off on my motorbike, with something resembling a brick in my stomach.

Dragon Bowl – 25k

The name is a bit of a misnomer; it’s actually a hollowed-out dragon fruit with fresh fruit inside, which is perfectly described in the menu, but you may be disappointed if you’re expecting this…

Insta-ready Dragon Bowl


  • Try the breakfast special; bali coffee, juice and homemade bread for 25k


  • Even think about ordering the pancakes if you have an issue with carbs


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