The Hungry Bird, Canggu

A Greedy Cat and a Hungry Bird

For the next day, I was torn between Hungry Bird Café and Crate. Both places are highly rated on TA, but eventually my feline instincts swung me towards Hungry Bird. Coffee-wise, they certainly walk-the-hipster-swaggering-walk when it comes to barrister-ing – with a range of single origins and various brew methods (Aeropress, Chemex, etc) – but, I wasn’t convinced that they talked-the-talk.

2017-07-03 08.30.03-2

My Sulewesi, medium-roast was reassuringly served in a cute flask (call me pretentious, but I do enjoy my coffee more if it looks like the waiter should be wearing goggles and a white coat), but unfortunately it tasted burnt.

The food experience was no less disappointing. Initially, nothing jumped out at me from the breakfast menu so I checked Trip Advisor to see what the other cats were raving about. Everyone was recommending the Granola so, against my better instincts, I went with that. Nothing wrong with a bit of chopped fruit with some sugary oats sprinkled over and a dollop of yoghurt, but it would not prompt me to come out with phrases such as “simply irresistible” or “amazing”. Seriously, these cats need to watch more Masterchef.

So, overall, a “Fur coat and no knickers”, experience. Greedy Cat leaves Hungry Bird still hungry.

Summary: Coffee-2, Food-3, Vibe-3

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