Crate, Betelnut and Machinery Café – Canggu

Great Crate and Badass Betelnut

So, disappointed that my primary daily caffeine and food injection at the Hungry Bird has been wasted, I plan my next destination for recharging later that day. As I need to get some work done, I look for a place with decent wifi and a space for my laptop. I seem to luck-out at Betelnut Café and bag a spot downstairs in the corner, the place soon fills up and stays busy for the afternoon. The lunch menu looks great, with a focus on western food; salads, wraps and burgers, and the food coming out of the kitchen looks even better. The wraps are stuffed to bursting and the salads are full of all kinds of superfoods. I go for the fish burger which is succulent and tasty. To finish, a coffee.

Expectations are high after the morning’s disappointment – there’s an imaginary drumroll in my head as the waiter delivers it. However, although the cute cup has a pretty flower on the saucer, that cannot forgive the taste. Burnt again. 

Summary: Coffee-2, Food-5, Vibe-4

2017-07-03 17.26.00.jpg
A consolation sunset Bintang

OK, Canggu is more than just coffee right? I remember that it also has a beach. So, sundown + Bintang manages to somewhat lessen the sting from my day of caffeine-related let downs and I relax on my beanbag, determined to have the mother-of-all caffeine hits tomorrow morning.

I decide to try Crate. Bearded baristas and an industrial vibe convince me that this is the place. Breakfast options are scrawled on the wall behind the counter and have names like “The Stack!”, “Peas Please” and “Mr Beanz”. You order and pay at the counter then grab a seat where you can, because this place gets BUSY. On weekends people are lining up outside the door. But, what can I say? Some things are worth waiting for.

The Stack, Crate
The Stack – King of Brunch

I order French toast (or “The Stack”), which is 2 massive wedges of eggy fried toast, with banana on the bottom layer and scrambled eggs and bacon on the top, with a side of maple syrup to pour over. I realise that some people might think that sounds disgusting but believe me, it. Was. The. BOMB! And for a Greedy Cat like me, it really hit the spot. The coffee was also great and came in a mug, which I very much approve of. The only downside was that I could have done with about a gallon of it to wash down my mega-breakfast, but at 30k for an americano, it was kind of on the steep side. Breakfast was a steal though, most of the options seem to be around 50k (no tax). Would definitely come back to try some of the other options.

Summary: Coffee-4, Food-5, Vibe-4

Happy, satiated and my faith in the baristas of Canggu safely restored, I decide to check one more place for a mid-morning brew. I’d been reading about the Machinery Café as a place targeted at the Digital Nomad, with a cool workspace and a good breakfast menu. Still digesting “The Stack”, I wasn’t able to appreciate the food menu – although I saw they had named breakfast items with ‘machine’ related names, which sometimes worked (I like “Paraffin Toast”), but mostly was a bit weird (“Chicken Calliper” anyone?) – but the coffee looked good and an Americano was well-priced at 22k a cup (taxes included) and offered the possibility of an extra shot for 5k. The coffee itself was a decent brew and a good serving size. However, the space itself was pretty small and you’re in close proximity with your neighbour. I can’t imagine working here comfortably for any period of time, but as a spot to have a coffee while sending a few emails, it works.

Summary: Coffee-3, Food-N/A, Vibe-3

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