Tasting Notes

2017-10-15 09.02.57
The more lab equipment involved, the better!


I’m no expert, so I’ll leave the flowery tasting notes to those better qualified. I can’t tell you whether it’s a 100% Robusta bean grown at altitude on the slopes of Mount Batur, or if it’s been through the digestive tract of a wild civet cat. I can tell a good cup from a stinker though. I take my coffee black, no sugar, so I’m looking for discernible flavours coming through. A good cup of coffee is like a good glass of wine; you want to taste the care and attention that’s gone into cultivating it and notice the individual flavour of the brew. Also, just as with wine, the service also affects your enjoyment; shallow cups or thick rimmed mugs detract from the flavour, as does temperature. Just like wine, coffee should also be served at optimum temperature – it should be HOT, but not boiling – burnt coffee is as bad as corked wine, and I’m sending it straight back. And finally, as I am the Greedy Cat, extra points will of course be given for big servings, free refills and goodies on the side.

2017-07-04 08.24.20
Brunch heaven!


As a self-confessed brunch-a-holic and greedy bastard, I consider myself somewhat of an expert in the mighty morning meal that sits between breakfast and lunch. Not only have I researched some of the best brunch spots throughout Barcelona (before brunch was even a ‘thing’), but I’ve been cooking up my own morning inventions for myself, friends and family for ages. I love a savoury brunch; poached eggs with bacon and spinach, sweet potato fritters, muffins with salmon and avocado, huevos rancheros, scrambled eggs with tofu, all fit the bill for a hearty and delicious start to the day. However, I hardly ever order savoury in a restaurant – unless tried and tested – because of the likelihood of a fuckup. Anyone who’s ever cooked a Full English knows well the juggling act required to get all elements ready at the same time, and that final panic of buttering toast, flipping bacon and retrieving eggs at exactly the right moment. Now imagine that on a restaurant scale at brunch-time rush on a Sunday. Rarely do they get it right. Eggs not done right, toast too cold, bacon overdone, etc, etc, and don’t even mention the impossibility of trying to get your coffee served at the same time as your food. So, I tend to keep it sweet when I’m out; French toast, smoothie bowls and pancakes. Having said that, the perfect brunch would be a mix of sweet and savoury; pancakes with eggs bacon and maple syrup is my brunch heaven. As usual, the Greedy Cat will give plus points for big portions – I’ve been fasting for over 12 hours at this point after all!

A great view adds to the brew!


Vibe incorporates everything from the décor, to location, to the serving staff. Comfortable places to sit, nice views and decent tunes all contribute to the vibe. Staff who look like they don’t want to be there and who haven’t tried any of the menu items is a bad sign. Those who will happily change a wrong order item, apologize for fuckups and happily let you stay and work are all extra points. Free water and good wifi is always a plus as well.

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