Vida Café and Cinta, Canggu

When I first arrived in Canggu, I thought I’d died and gone to coffee-heaven. Coffee shops on every corner, more baristas than you could shake a stick at and enough brew options to keep the most discerning hipster caffeinated for weeks. I carefully planned out my coffees over the weekend (I’m a 2-a-day girl) so that I would could maximise my bean-tasting possibilities.


On arrival, I was looking for my first, post-lunch brew and I came upon Vida Café, which looked promising. The place was packed but I managed to find a space in the garden area which, despite being forced to eavesdrop on the conversation of the two Australian ladies sat next to me – honestly, “first-world problems-in-the-third-world” reach new levels of gobsmacking lack of self-awareness – was a nice and cosy spot. The coffee was first-rate and they had a great selection of sweets to go with it. Top marks for brew, service and atmos.

Summary: Coffee-4, Food-N/A, Vibe-4

The next day I had a breakfast date with my Indonesian teacher at Cinta Café. The location is excellent, not far from the beach and open to the rice fields on one side. I grab a table next to the rice fields, order the obligatory Americano and go for the Country-Style eggs to get my brain in gear for some Bahasa Indonesia. Coffee is great; strong, smooth and notes of sweetness – I’m starting to wonder if it’s possible to get a bad brew in Canggu! Country-Style eggs were a bit of a disappointment though. Eggs baked and served in a skillet with peppers, potatoes and toast, the whole thing was a bit overcooked and dry. Also, the potatoes weren’t really necessary and made the dish a bit of a stodgy carb-fest. Would have benefitted from some tomato, spinach, mushrooms or a big dollop of sambal! Anyway, the location was fab and so was the coffee so I’d definitely give the place another try.

Summary: Coffee-4, Food-3, Vibe-5


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